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The banner at Horwich NSC – November 2017

Our banner is a significant artefact of the history of Horwich NSC, which has been here for almost 100 years.  In recent times, the banner has fallen into a poor state, and whilst we have tried to patch up where we can, the banner is currently in a critical state.

We have been fundraising for over a year to restore the banner, at a cost which runs into thousands of pounds.  We are proud of what we have raised, with donations regular, and in some instances significant in helping us match the cost of the repairs. 

Having raised a decent starting point, we have sent the banner away for repair (August 2017), with the idea being that it will be repaired and repositioned in the church again ahead of our Annual General meeting in March 2018.

We respect that there is a lot of financial challenge out there now, but we had to act now, before it became too late to save this beautiful banner from permanent damage.  Should anyone be able and willing to support us with the restoration by donating, we would very much appreciate it. 

You can donate online, although part of that donation will go to Paypal for the convenience.  If you would like to donate without fees, please speak to one of the committee at our regular services or contact us at or through our social media pages, which ae horwichnsc across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The Committee