Spiritualist Healing

Spiritual Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine; it must not be considered as an alternative. When you are unwell, you need to get assistance from the doctor. If you receive Spiritual Healing, this will complement your treatment, the two will work together to assist in your recovery.

When we mention Healing of any sort, many people think immediately of making a person well due to a physical problem. This is true in part, but it is not the whole picture.

When we mention “Spiritual”, many people immediately think of religion. With Spiritual Healing, this is not so. The Spiritual nature of mankind is all of those parts that are non – physical such as mind, emotions and the “life force”. Spiritual Healing can be administered to a person of any religious denomination or none at all. Religion and Faith take no part in a Spiritual Healing session and will not be discussed with you. Remember that the purpose of your visit is to receive Spiritual Healing, if you have a question, the Spiritual Healer will gladly answer it, but being brief may be necessary

When Spiritual Healing is administered, it can assist a person on any or all of those levels of self, thus treating the whole person.

No faith is required, that is true. Spiritual Healing is administered to babies, young children and animals. It is perhaps an obvious statement to make, that they are not going to know about faith, yet they can benefit from the Healing. Nothing is expected from the patient, except perhaps openness to what may happen, and a degree of trust in the Healer. An acceptance for the need for change and the will to do so will also help.

It may surprise you to know that the patient has a great influence on the level of recovery because it is the patient’s positive attitude in wanting to feel well again that works with both medical treatment and Spiritual Healing.

When attending for Spiritual Healing you will be asked:

  • if you want to remove an “outside” coat and hat for your comfort
  • to remove your spectacles, if you wear them
  • to remove or switch off a hearing aid, if you use one
  • to sit on a chair or lay on a couch, wheelchair users can be treated where they are

None of the above has anything to do with the Spiritual Healing itself, just common sense so that you are comfortable.

When you receive Spiritual Healing it will be explained to you how the Healer will work with you. Having explained the procedure for working and asked if you feel comfortable, the Spiritual Healer will ask you if you wish to continue. With your agreement, the session will continue.

The Healer, with your permission, will place their hands on you, this is “contact healing”, or may work with their hands close to you but not touching, this is “near to the body healing”. Both work equally well, but each Healer has their own way of working. Healers are aware of where they may and may not place their hands, in respect to “sensitive areas”, they work to a Code of Conduct issued by their organisation to which they must adhere – it is compulsory.

The duration of the healing session varies from person to person, and is usually between ten and twenty minutes. During the healing session, you will be asked to relax and quieten your mind; you may close your eyes to assist this process. As healing proceeds, you may feel a little warmer, a little cooler, or no change at all – just relax and enjoy the session. Equally, don’t try to detect what is happening, just RELAX.

The Spiritual Healer will complete a record card each time you visit. It is strictly confidential, however, you are allowed to see your record card, but no-one else is, not even the Doctor!

In accordance with “NHS Choices”, your Doctor has the right to refer you for Spiritual Healing if he feels it would be beneficial. You also have the right to request Spiritual Healing.

The Healer will always encourage you to remain in touch with your Doctor. As previously mentioned, Spiritual Healing is complementary to medical treatment, so do tell your Doctor of any benefits that you may feel.

The Doctor will always remain in control of your medical care.

Our Healing Service at Horwich NSC

Our Services are every Tuesday evening starting at 730pm.  The service starts off with a prayer and a short period of time for the healers and clients to send out healing thoughts.  It is a very relaxing with soft meditation music playing and healing energies present. Clients simply choose their healer by sitting on the seat in front of them, and the healer will have a short chat.  The healer will ask the patient how they felt with the latter sometimes describing various subtle energies, heat or coldness,  peacefulness, relaxation, etc.  Please note we never promise a ‘quick’ cure for any pain or illness and it may take several sessions before the healing has any positive effect.

The Healers

Qualified Healers

Janet McManus (Healing Lead), Sharon Alexandra

Trainee Healers

Carl Ashcroft, Gemma Collinson, Julie Spragg, Julie Higham, Tori Peters.

If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at horwichnsc.org.uk

The start of Healing at Horwich

Despite healing being an integral part of the Spiritualist religion, and Horwich church initially, the Healing Service only became a regular service in the 1950’s.  The arrival of Alan Oakley in Horwich, an established healer from Leeds became the catalyst for a regular service and commitment to Healing right up to modern day.