Membership at Horwich NSC

Horwich NSC loves being a community in its own right, and being a big part of the community outside of our doors. We work hard on our own offering to be attractive and welcoming to fellow Spiritualist, those into well being, and anyone who feels the need to visit us as they see fit. We are also well represented within our community with good links to individuals, local charities, organisations and businesses.

We encourage friends to join us as members to formally become part of our community. As proud Spiritualists, we also welcome our members to help us develop the voice of spiritualism within the community. This is not about preaching, but living the life of a Spiritualist, based on the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. Living the life of a Spiritualist often attracts interest with new friends keen to learn about our religion and philosophy, and we will always welcome them. For the humble annual cost of £6, membership also entitles you to discounts on advertised service sand events.

By joining Horwich NSC, you will be able to:

  • Add your voice to our community
  • Keep up to date with our all things Horwich NSC
  • Attend, speak and vote (Upon being invited to full membership) at Annual and Special General Meetings
  • Become active within our services, events and community in and out of Horwich NSC
  • Qualify for invitation to become a Full member at Horwich NSC by the committee, subject to satisfactory commitment to Horwich NSC and our religion.
  • Time served membership will make you eligible for nominations to be part of our committee or officer roles
  • Continue a legacy that has been in Horwich for over 100 years
  • Gain discounts on across some of our events and services

Renewing your membership

Membership is due the first January after you become a member, and each January thereafter. This can be renewed at our reception desk and in January and February, online.

New Membership

Those interested in becoming new members need to complete our membership form, available by clicking the picture of our building below. Complete this and either hand over to our church reception desk, post or email us, and your application will be reviewed at our next committee meeting, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your application

Where to send membership forms

If you’re not bringing it to our reception desk, please send to Horwich NSC, 77 Chorley New Road, Horwich, Lancashire, BL6 7QA for the attention of ‘The Secretary‘. In respect of membership applications, the committee will review your application at its next committee meeting and be in touch about the next steps.

Print out a membership form by clicking the below picture